Vicinity P2P Adapter

The Norwegian company Hafenstrom AS is participating in the Vicinity2020 EU project to deliver value added services to their Smart Cities IoT platform. Hafenstrom’s focus area is to reduce emission by easily keeping a track of available parking spots and re-use of pre-owned parking spots that’s not being utilized in certain hours of the day.

The project

This project is to share private held parking spaces and unused areas, available to the public when they are not in use.

The Vicinity P2P Adapter integrates with the Vicinity IoT platform to provide business logic. This adapter functions as a back-end for the Vicinity P2P App.

The Vicinity P2P Adapter are also integrated with other IoT devices such as a parking sensor and IKEA Smart Light.


More information

The platform is not yet open to the public and is a part of testing the Vicinity2020 platform. Currently the project is installed in a demo location in Tromsø, Norway.